Working with WatersEdge to establish my estate plan was easy and a great experience. Now I have peace of mind about my family’s financial future and the blessing of knowing my estate will further the Gospel after I’m gone.

Senior Pastor, FBC Edmond | Edmond, Oklahoma

We’d be fools not to create an estate plan, in a lot of ways. It benefits our child and future children, our families, and even benefits either one of us in case something happens. WatersEdge really communicated that it’s about stewardship and taking care of the things God has given us to use for His Kingdom.

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Western Hills Church | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Our experience with WatersEdge was great. It was a good conversation, because it’s more than just counting dollars and cents – you can tell that they really care about ministry and life. Creating an estate plan is a pretty simple thing to do to put things in place so that someone else doesn’t have to worry about it.

Cross Fellowship Church | Black Forest, Colorado

We chose WatersEdge because it was a better rate. And then also the ministry side of it — the fact that our investment was enabling WatersEdge to provide loans to other churches that needed help.

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Senior Pastor of FBC Cushing | Cushing, Oklahoma

Our tax man is a Christian and he suggested an IRA charitable rollover as a way to reduce our taxable income while helping others at the same time. We chose to give to Baptist Village Communities’ Adams Fund, which provides financial assistance to meet the day-to-day needs of dozens of senior adults with limited incomes.

Donor | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Most people are waiting for some big reason to give. People think, ‘Well, it’s small. It doesn’t matter.’ But everything matters. If it’s a gift the Lord told you to give, then give and be obedient. You’re not going to get to those big things until you’re faithful with the small things.

Donors | Kingfisher, Oklahoma

I’ve been a tither since I was 16. When I give to an endowment through WatersEdge, I know that the income will continue to help the church or ministry I’ve chosen to support from now until Jesus comes. Endowment is a way for me to leave a legacy beyond myself so that when I’m dead and gone, I’m still giving a tithe. That’s very fulfilling to me.

Donor | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Generosity is not something we are born with; it is something you have to experience, and once you do, you see there is a need – and God provides… If you wait until you can afford to tithe or give, then it is already too late.

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CGA Donors | Anadarko, Oklahoma

Every day I say, ‘God let me be a blessing to somebody.’ I get so much pleasure and satisfaction and joy to give whatever I can each year.

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CGA Donor | Owasso, Oklahoma
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