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When you build a church, expand your campus, or grow ministry assets, you do more than serve your congregation. You bless God’s Kingdom and glorify the Lord. At WatersEdge Ministry Services, we multiply your blessing by offering second-to-none services and reinvesting in Christian causes. The interest we earn from serving churches is donated to Christ-centered ministries. If you’re interested in teaming with a like-minded partner, explore our services to learn more.

We offer highly competitive church loans

As fellow Christians, we give you the opportunity to partner with a like-minded lender. But we know shared values aren’t enough. So we bring a level of ministry expertise you won’t find in traditional lenders. We understand the financial nuances you face, and we’re here to help you navigate them. Plus, interest we earn from your loan is donated to Christ-centered ministries.

We’ll Help Grow Your Assets With Ministry Investments

As a church leader, you have the sacred responsibility of shepherding your congregation’s finances. Our financial experts have decades of experience in helping churches maximize their assets. We’ve developed highly specialized investments that minimize risk while delivering above-market returns. We’ll help you fulfill the solemn duty of growing resources entrusted in you.

We Streamline Your Time and Resources with Expert Accounting Services

Churches face unique accounting challenges and strict reporting requirements. At WatersEdge Ministry Services, we know the business side of ministry, and we’re uniquely positioned to analyze and report on ministry finances. Let our expert accounting team take the burden off your hands. We can also handle payroll processing, contribution tracking, financial statement preparation and more.

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