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WatersEdge Ministry Services Church Extention Fund Policies and Guidelines

Church Building Loans

Church Loan Checklist

Demand & Term Deposits

Demand & Term Deposits Master Agreement
The Master Agreement contains the provisions that govern all of the entity’s Demand & Term Deposits accounts with WatersEdge. It also contains contact information between the entity and WatersEdge. The Master Agreement needs to be signed by authorized individuals from both the entity and WatersEdge.

Demand & Term Deposits Master Agreement (Revision of Signers)

Demand & Term Deposits Investment Options

Demand & Term Deposits Investment Options and Allocation Form

Demand & Term Deposits Term Investment Allocation Form for Existing Clients
The Investment Options and Allocation Form contains a complete list and a brief description of all church funds management options available to investors through WatersEdge’s Demand & Term Deposits program. This form is used by the entity to allocate the funds invested among the various options, including CBL Term Investments and Cash Funds. This form also allows the entity to list those individuals authorized to discuss the transactions specific to an account. An allocation form is required for each account maintained by the entity.

Demand & Term Deposits ACH Authorization Form
This form authorizes electronic transfers between the client’s bank and WatersEdge.



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