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Introducing Kingdom Investments: Income-Producing Opportunities For Individuals, Coming Summer 2023.

It’s a first in our 75-year history — personal investments. This summer, WatersEdge plans to begin offering income-producing investment opportunities to individuals.* Similar to the investments we provide to churches, these cash growth opportunities will feature above-market yields and a variety of short- to mid-term investment windows to meet your unique needs.

We’re calling them Kingdom Investments. That’s because in addition to multiplying your personal financial resources, your investment will help grow Southern Baptist churches and other faith-aligned congregations across the United States. WatersEdge uses your invested dollars to provide competitive loans to churches that are seeking to purchase, build, renovate or refinance their facilities. The loan interest paid by these congregations provides the return on your investment. It’s a win-win for you and for your local church.

*Kingdom Investments are not available to individual investors at this time. WatersEdge offers and sells securities pursuant to our Offering Circular and only in states where authorized.

Proposed Kingdom Investments Features

Kingdom Investments will be ideal for individuals, ministries and businesses that seek steady growth of cash assets through short- to mid-term investment opportunities that avoid the market volatility associated with traditional securities (stocks and bonds).

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Excellent Returns

Above-market yields which often outperform traditional cash growth options.

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Reliable Growth

Avoid the ups and downs of traditional stocks; fixed yields mean you can grow cash without worrying about market volatility.

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Uber Flexible

Invest cash on a daily, monthly or yearly timeframe; multiple options are available to meet your unique needs and goals.

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Kingdom Impact

Unlike traditional financial institutions, WatersEdge uses your cash to grow churches through our Ministry Loan program.

Who Can Invest?

Investment opportunities are anticipated to be available to individuals, ministries and businesses who align with our desire to transform lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and who fit within our “Limited Class of Investors” as defined in the 2023 WatersEdge Offering Circular. Generally, this includes:

  • Members or regular attenders of Southern Baptist churches or “Faith-Aligned” evangelical Christian churches
  • Immediate or extended family of members or regular attenders of Southern Baptist churches or “Faith-Aligned” evangelical Christian churches
  • Current or former WatersEdge clients
  • Southern Baptist or “Faith-Aligned” evangelical Christian churches, ministries, organizations and institutions
  • Businesses owned by members or regular attenders of Southern Baptist churches or “Faith-Aligned” evangelical Christian churches

Additional information about our “Limited Class of Investors” will be available in the 2023 WatersEdge Offering Circular pending approval by state securities regulators. Join our email list to be notified when you may be eligible to participate as an investor.

How Your Investment Grows Churches

There’s a good reason we’re calling them Kingdom Investments — your investment grows churches! Here’s how it works. Imagine placing $50,000 in a One-Year Term Investment. WatersEdge uses your $50,000, along with cash from dozens of other investors, to make a $1.2 million loan to First Baptist Church, a growing congregation in need of a new children’s education space and playground. First Baptist Church pays WatersEdge a competitive interest rate on its loan, often better than what would otherwise be available from a traditional, for-profit lending institution. A year later, WatersEdge uses the loan interest from First Baptist, combined with the interest from hundreds of other church loans, to return your $50,000 investment and $2,081 of compounded interest. You can choose to reinvest your $52,081 for another term, or withdraw the funds for your use.

Illustration of our loan and investment cycle.

Kingdom Investments Options

WatersEdge intends to offer two options through Kingdom Investments: Demand Investments and Term Investments.* Demand Investments are designed for individuals who need the flexibility to withdraw funds on demand (high liquidity), while Term Investments are designed for individuals with a short- to mid-term investment timeframe (6 months to 5 years). Both Demand and Term Investments offer greater yields on cash growth than typically available through other solutions at traditional financial institutions, but also involve the risk of loss since neither are FDIC/SIPC insured.

*Subject to the terms of the proposed 2023 WatersEdge Offering Circular and only as authorized for offer and sale by state securities regulators.


Demand Investments

Term Investments

Investment Timeframe Daily 6 Months, 1 Year, 2 Year, 5 Year
Annual Percentage Yield (APY) Varies monthly; compounds monthly. Detailed rates available Summer 2023. Fixed for investment term; compounds quarterly. Detailed rates available Summer 2023.
Minimum Investment $1,000 (per investment) $1,000 (per investment)
Early Redemption Fee None; principal and interest available on demand. Yes; 90 days of accrued interest for terms 1 year or less; 180 days for terms greater than 1 year.
Investment Allocation Primarily church loans* Primarily church loans*
FDIC/SIPC Insurance None; investment involves the risk of loss. None; investment involves the risk of loss.

*WatersEdge uses investment proceeds primarily to fund church loans but also maintains cash, cash equivalents and readily marketable securities for operating and reserve liquidity.

Invest With Confidence

Your participation in Kingdom Investments will be backed by a robust church loan portfolio and more than 65 years of ministry lending experience. WatersEdge began making church loans in 1954 and has since provided the financing for more than 1,500 congregations across the United States to purchase, build, renovate or refinance their facilities.

Loan Portfolio

Graph of loan portfolio growth 2012-2022

Years of Lending Experience

Ministry Loan Portfolio

Active Church Loan Clients

States With Active Loans

Kingdom Impact: Storyline Church

Your participation in Kingdom Investments provides the capital we use to make loans to churches. Watch this video to see how a WatersEdge loan helped Colorado-based Storyline Church meet the needs of its growing congregation.