Miracles Happen at the Water’s Edge


At WatersEdge Ministry Services, we’ve helped hundreds of churches with competitive loans and robust investments. Partnering with like-minded ministries is a win-win. It empowers our clients to reach their goals and it enables us to invest millions of dollars in Southern Baptist ministries each year. The numbers speak for themselves.

Your loan interest is reinvested in Kingdom causes.

When you apply for a loan from WatersEdge Ministry Services, you help us spread love, compassion and the Gospel where it’s needed most. Here are just some of the causes we support.

Loan Interest Returned to Ministry

Churches &
Ministries Helped

All statistics as of 6/30/2020; loan interest since 1984; churches helped since 1953 (includes loans, investments and ministry accounting); investment growth since 2010.

Ministry Investment Growth

Your Loan Interest is Reinvested in Kingdom Causes

 There was a huge difference in the approach of the banks and WatersEdge Ministry Services. The banks look at the church as a business and WatersEdge looks at the church as a ministry. WatersEdge understands the church isn’t about profits and losses but about reaching the lost with the Gospel. 

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Mitch Green

Pastor of Country Roads Baptist Church | Lenox, Iowa